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What's this about swords?

100 Swords is an easy to learn tactical deck building game that's played with a poker-sized deck of cards. (What you see below is everything you need to play!) Each turn presents you with a new puzzle as you navigate the varying cards in your hand and the ever changing cards secreted away in the dungeon. All you need is a Dungeon Deck and a friend for a quick delve in search of magical items, weird monsters, a bunch of doors, and - of course - swords!

What are people saying?

"Having to literally explore the marketplace of cards... gives you a surprising amount to think about! Incredibly thematic."

Richard Ham - Rhado Runs Through

"The art, humor, and gameplay in 100 Swords comes together to form a delightful dungeon delve. I recommend this for anyone looking for a light hearted deck builder that plays quickly."

Suzanne - Dice Tower Contributor

"I think this would be an excellent game to teach somebody the ropes of how to play a deck building game. A whole lot of puzzle solving greatness in one tiny box! The possibilities of expansions are literally limitless."

Lance Myxter - Undead Viking

"100 Swords is a great balance between luck and light strategy. I love when a turn comes together and you get more equipment room after room. Of course, finding a big baddie and taking him down or sneaking by him and getting more stuff is fun too!"

Ken -

"100 Swords is a satisfying and fun romp through a dungeon without the tediousness of a classic dungeon crawl."

Across the Board Games

"I think 100 Swords is another fine pocket game from Laboratory. [It] may be one that I'll throw into my travel bag for a quick gaming fix when I need it."

Jonathan Liu - GeekDad

What makes 100 Swords great?

So what do I need to play?

There are 4 unique stand-alone Dungeon Decks which support 2-player or solo play, each with their own unique items, monsters, and obstacles. Each also features a new Boss to overcome!
You can also expand each dungeon by using Dungeon Builder Sets - a set of 15 cards with an alternate Boss you can mix with any Dungeon Deck for a fresh adventure with an old Dungeon!
We also have the Multi-User Dungeon Expansion Pack which lets you combine with any 2 Dungeon Decks to play with up to 3 or 4 players! It includes 25 new cards with a focus on multi-player effects and a new Mini-boss card!
We also have a couple of great playmats which are available through our online store and at in-person events! The Castle Playmat has room for two dungeons, which makes it ideal for playing with up to 4 players (requires the M.U.D. Expansion Pack). The Dungeon Playmat is ideal for use when playing with 1 or 2 players.

How do you play?

You and your opponent take turns entering a dungeon made up of 5 cards using your own hand of 5 cards to explore. Every card you loot form the dungeon is worth GOLD - shown in the top right corner. At the end, the player with the most GOLD is the winner! Each of you begins with 6 Crappy Swords, a couple of Boots, and an Awkward Sword, but you'll soon find better loot to improve your deck! But first you need to enter the dungeon...
Each card in your hand is worth movement and strength. You use movement to enter and move through the rooms of the dungeon, where each card is it's own room. For each point of movement you play, you can move up to that many rooms! When you get there you get to peek at what it is...
If you encounter a monster card £ or obstacle card ¢, you must reveal it! But don't worry, newly revealed monsters are surprised! Each dungeon also has a unique Boss hidden near the end of the deck, so be on the look out! You can choose to defeat monsters by playing cards for their strength values, but beware, monsters have effects that can change-up the game and when undefeated they act as walls!
When you defeat monsters and clear obstacles they end up in your trophy pile, but what if you find a useful item card ? Each card in your hand is also worth 1 energy which can be used to acquire items. For example, you could spend two cards from you hand sideways as energy to acquire an item that cost 2 energy (like the Dissolving Sword in the image above). If you do, that item also goes directly into your hand of cards, so you can use it immediately!

Your turn ends when you run out of cards or rooms to explore. The game ends when either you don’t have enough cards to refill the dungeon to 5 cards OR when the Boss of the dungeon is defeated!

Have more questions? Check out the interactive rulebook, where you can customize the rules to how you want to play!

Want to check out the cards? You can look at all of them over at the Card Browser and Custom Dungeon Builder!

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