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Dec 30, 2009


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Laboratory Games LLC was founded by Clayton Grey and Samuel Strick. Our focus is on developing games where the narrative and action are conveyed through play.


The Past

Clayton and Sam met in at Parsons School of Design in the spring of 2007. After being paired-up for a project, they instantly developed a rapport and have been working together ever since. Over the years they have continued to develop games on the side for desktop, mobile, and tabletop. At the beginning of 2013, Sam and Clayton were finally in a place where they could put put down everything and work full-time on Laboratory. Last year Laboratory participated in the OUYA CREATE game jam sponsored by Kill Screen and OUYA, where they brainstormed Television and won Most Surprising. They had a successful Kickstarter campaign for a single card game called Shift that boiled down the essence of a Japanese style dueling CCG. Laboratory also released their first digital game called The Strongest, for iOS.

The Present

Laboratory is working differently in 2014. The way people need to make games is changing. The plan is to to Kickstart more smaller projects and see what grows. At the beginning of February they Kickstarted a micro-game called Province, which sold over 8000 copies. In April, they released the mobile Shift app which allows people to play Shift using only their mobile devices. June will see the launch of the Kickstarter game for a new micro-game called Shadows of Arkham. But there's more, Laboratory has a number of additional projects that they're hoping to release before the year is over!


We're Laboratory YouTube

Television Trailer YouTube

Shift Announcement Trailer YouTube

Ejipt Announcement Trailer YouTube

The Strongest Announcement Trailer YouTube


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There are far more images available for Laboratory, but these are the ones we felt would be most useful to you. If you have specific requests, please do contact us!

Awards & Recognition

  • "Winner of 'Most Surprising' in OUYA and Kill Screen's CREATE Game Jam" - Television - February 2013
  • "Finalist in boardgame design competition Ludo-Outaouais" - Ejipt - Gatineau, Canada, 2007
  • "Kickstarter funded at $21,802 (311%)" - Shift - Seattle, USA, March 2013

Selected Articles

  • "Simply put, Television was unlike any other game we played in the CREATE Game Jam, …and we can't wait to see where it goes."
    - , Kill Screen Daily
  • "There are a couple of standouts, notably Television from Laboratory Games (video above), which the developer describes as "part WarioWare, part Myst.""
    - Jeff Blagdon, The Verge
  • "Of all the entries I have looked at so far, [Television] is the one I am most excited about. The mood is excellent. I love the approach and how you are embracing the form."
    - tacograveyard, none
  • "[In Shift,] the possibilities from just one card in this design are quite numerous as balancing damage taken with when to attack or when to shift make for a deep and varied experience in each game."
    - Michael "Maikeruu" Pierno, Pojo
  • "We've had a lot of fun [with shift]."
    - Tox, Crits Happen

Team & Repeating

Sam Strick
1/2 of Laboratory

Clayton Grey
1/2 of Laboratory

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